Produkty HD - Krvné linky (blood lines)

Krvné linky (blood lines)

As you know, optimal dialysis treatments demand higher specifications from the bloodlines. This is why Gambro provides advanced blood transportation systems designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of enhanced treatment.

The majority of Gambro bloodlines are made using a DEHP-free patented formula and radiation sterilized using chemical free techniques. All are latex-free so that sensitive patients will not be exposed to adverse sensitizing reactions.

A clear lining in the color-coded dialyzer’s connectors ensures that the patient’s blood never comes into contact with chemical dyes or colorants. What’s more, Gambro bloodlines create a blood-flow environment that is as close as possible to the patient’s own vascular system. The bloodlines successfully combine excellent flow dynamics, improved reliability, and efficiency with ergonomic design. All of this translates into better care and safer, less stressful working conditions.


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